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"And Judgement must begin at the house of God" - 1 Peter 4:11, 7

The teachings from many religious organizations has been not only an "Arch Enemy" to God, but a complete public embarrassment for God's Laws. Many religions teach that it is OK for them to pass negative judgements on people not in their clique. Nevertheless, they hide all the crimes that they commit against God's Laws. If it wasn't for the news media, the public would never know how some preachers steal money, or commit adultery with some of their members. America claims to be a Godly nation, but when religious leaders entice children for sex, it is THE AMERICAN SHAME.

"My name is Tina Wells. When I went public to get help for black children, it meant a lot to me to have my race behind me and not be my "Arch Enemy". Because my mission was to save children, I did not want to bear the shame of having to be the one to prove that some Negroes are Niggers! In the first 10 years of the struggle, over 50,000 Black children were murdered by Negroes. Then I saw that exposing the word Nigger was my mission too! For over 20 years I have been rejected by the church, news media, radio and television talk shows. Now a book is my only hope. This web site was designed to expose THE AMERICAN SHAME to The Most Beloved of God ! " - Tina Wells



"Adults can make children,"Sexually Responsible,  But who can make adults?", a book by Tina Wells Click here to read an excerpt


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