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Tina Wells is an activist for human rights and a devout member of "T.W.C.P.O.A." - The Working Class People Of America. God said for us to work and not steal nor con people out of what they have worked for. Also, that the strong ought to bear the infirmities of the weak. This is why Tina Wells has endured 20 years of rejection. Adults are responsible for the weak and should never prey on them.

At the aqe of 6, Tina witnessed the constant public brutalization of black women and children. And when she saw pregnant women being beaten and found out later that the babies had died - she made up her mind that when she grew up, she would do all that she could to save them. In history classes, Tina learned about the Underground Railroad of Harriet Tubman. Even though Tina was a child, she wanted to be just like her as a leader. So reading about slavery all through school and choosing to do reports about slavery, made Tina Wells think that she could help the Negro race.

Unfortunately, Tina Wells found out that being an activist could get her murdered. Malcolm X was murdered because he revealed that a powerful leader was having sex with 5 teenage girls and that they were all pregnant. Some of the black religeous leaders knew about it, but kept quiet because it was during the "Civil Rights Movement". Negroes did nothing to this leader, nor did they do anything to protect the teenage girls. They just kept quiet. Because of the religious front that so many Negro preachers put on, Tina Wells went to them about the violence some Negroes will commit to protect preachers who rape children. One preacher who was the assistant pastor to one of the most powerful churches in Atlanta, Georgia said "This is church filth and I don't believe there is a preacher in Atlanta that will let you speak in the pulpit about this." He was right - during the next 10 years they all rejected Tina Wells and they still are. It seemed to Tina that saving the children was a noble and a honorable mission in every race but, the Negro race.

Tina Wells is currently writing a book called, "Adults can make children,'Sexually Responsible,' But who can make adults? ". The book is about preventing teen sex and the restoration of the family.


"Adults can make children responsible, But who can make adults?, a book by Tina Wells.
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