To My Dear Brothers and Sisters in New York City,

My name is Tina Wells, and I know that you have not recovered completely from the trauma of the 911 terrorist attacks, but I desperately need your help !

Within every race, God preserved a remnant of people called "TRUTHTELLERS", and He drilled a delivering spirit within their hearts and then commanded them to "RUSH" to the cries of his children. Whether those cries were from the Cherokee Indians and the "Trail of Tears", or from the "Extermination of over 5,000,000 Jews" or the "Slaughter in Teinneum Square", or the "Missing and Murdered Children in Atlanta, Georgia". God commanded His "Truth Tellers" to "Rush" to their cries and to warn all their enemies that God Almighty said, "TOUCH MY PEOPLE IF YOU DARE ! " But, what happened ? Where are these TRUTHTELLERS? Why are the cries of God's children not being heard?  Because every race has traitors, who betray from within.

You've probably heard about Atlanta's Missing and Murdered Children back in the 1970's. Almost all of the evidence pointed to the Negro Race and not the KKK. The white race was blamed because whenever Negroes are guilty of any crime, they blame the White Race so that they don't expose the true meaning of the word "Nigger". Since the deaths of the Atlanta child murders, in 1990, over 50,000 Negro children were murdered and since 2000, over 20,000 have died. Now the strong Black Man is the "New Master" of violence and dispair in the Negro Race.

Unfortunately many upper class Negroes dispise the poor and won't expose the horrible conditions some Black children grow up around. For instance, the white Race wouldn't allow Negroes to have decent housing, schools, or give bank loans to start businesses. So, through Martin Luther King's protest marches, Negroes were able to break these barriers.

Nevertheless, Black children grow up living like prisoners in their own homes.Many of the homes are filled with burgular bars which are fire hazzards. Some Negroes have burned to death in their homes because they couldn't get out. Also, firemen have had to let some houses burn down because all of the windows and doors were barred up. Also, now there is so much violence and rape in some of the Black schools that security measures had to be taken to curb the problem. Next, many of the foriegners have taken over the Negro communities with legitimate businesses, because when Negroes try to open businesses, the Niggers rob and drive them out. They would rather support foriegners than their own race. How can Black children become inspired to own a business when only foreigners own businesses.

This is why I desparately need your help. Atlanta has a horrible baby and child rape epidemic that has been going on for decades. These are some of the horrible crimes ......" A Black man had a 5 month old baby girl's body amputated from his penis - she died from the rape trauma . . . . . a 1 year old girl was raped, sodomized and given AIDS ....... a 4 year old girl endured 10 hours of reconstructive surgery, but lost the rape case because she didn't answere when asked "how was your hair fixed, and what did you have on?" ....... a 10 year old girl was raped with a broom ........ a 8 year old was hit in the head with a brick and knocked unconcious and dragged to a an abandoned house and raped. ......... last of all, a Black man walked up to a bus stop filled with children and picked up a young girl,  put her over his shoulders ,and while she screamed and with cars driving by, he took her and raped her.

For decades since the Atlanta Child Child Murders, Black children are are still suffering. I've spoken to numerous television and radio stations. Also, I wrote several major newspapers across America  begging for help. I wrote President Bush for help to.

I know the Negro race denies the word Nigger. But, some Negroes are Niggers.  No race, murders or destroys someones work who tries to save their children. When I prayed, I was lead to organize "The Last March". If my people that are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face, I will hear from heaven . . . and I will heal their land. Because some preachers and Presidents who have recited this verse refuse to humble themselves and seek God's face people,animals and the land are suffering .The people must repent! Nevertheless, there is no place for me to go and raise money for the march. To help raise money for," The Last March," I'm writing a book to prevent teen sex and to help restore the family. It is called "Adults can make children,'Sexually Responsible,' But who can make adults?"

 Children are not our "Greatest Resource" but our "Only Resource," please help!

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© 2005 Tina Wells

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