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This is an exerpt from the forthcoming book by Tina Wells

Every teacher and teenager in America has a right to hear this, and if I have to fight the school system or pass out flyers to do it - I will !

. . . "Girl, what is wrong ? "

Some members of the school board wanted to persuade the students to abstain from sex, so they invited some teen counselors to speak to the students. But the counselor who persuaded them the most, they embarrassed and rejected because she used a puppy, a surveillance camera and three Godly principles of honesty, self respect and responsibility.

"What did she say?"

She said, "The reason teenagers should abstain from sex is because it is illegal. It's illegal for anyone to sexually misuse you during puberty. "

"Hello all see this puppy? Even though she is only 1 year old, she is developing and is having a period. If she has sex, she will have puppies. Is it right or wrong?"

All of the students said "It is wrong because even though she is developing, her body ain't mature enough and she doesn't know anything about raising puppies".

"That's right", said the counselor. "And all of you are going through the exact same period of development as this puppy ...... "

© 2005 Tina Wells

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