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"Black Racism"
America's Accepted Racial War
May, 26 2004
Office Of The President
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW
Washington, D.C. 20500

Dear President Bush,

I hope you and your family are doing fine. I want you to know that I support your policy on human dignity in fighting the Iraq War. I know that you are a very busy man. But, what I'm writing about is just as important as any problem with which you may be dealing with.

Mr. Bush, as a rule, before any "Great Catastrophe takes place against any race, someone always tries to prevent it. They go to people in authority, who have the "Power to Stop it !"
For example, President Roosevelt was contacted about the "Atrocities" the Nazis were committing against the Jews. Our government has established laws to convict people who commit crimes, but not people who allow crimes to be committed. So, President Roosevelt showed no shame in not only rejecting the cries of the Jews, but when the captain of the SS St. Louis came to American shores with 927 Jewish men, women, and children - guards were sent out to keep the Jews from coming ashore. Later, the whole world saw films of the slaughter of over 6 million Jews.

Next, President Clinton chose to walk in a similar pattern of rejection. When he heard about the genocide that was going to take place in Rwanda, he did nothing to stop it. Later, we saw on TV that almost a million people died.

Mr. President, my name is Tina Wells, and I am an activist for Human Rights. I represent the poor, I speak on their behalf, and I will defend them against all perpetrators !

A Great Catastrophe is about to take place that will bring the American people to their knees with shame, if this problem is not dealt with by the American people. This is why I am writing you this letter. Genocide is going on in the Negro Race. This problem has skyrocketed since the death of Martin Luther King,Jr.. Nevertheless, many upper class Negroes and religious leaders refuse to step up to the plate and tell the truth about "Black Racism". So the violence and terrorism is completely out of control. Every month Black women are viciously attacked, raped, or murdered. These rapes are "Demonic" in nature, because there are no lines drawn for who they will rape.

Here's an example, one young man would rape women and gouge out one of their eyes. another man would hit the back of a car or bust out a windshield to rape women. Also, all year long, they terrorize Black neighborhoods with rapes and have raped women with their daughters with them. Children as young as 2 years of age and women as old as 75 were even raped. Many Black girls suffer this crime all of the time. Young girls have even been raped in and outside of their schools. Last year a young girl walking to school was was hit in the head with a brick and dragged to an empty house and raped. Also, an adult Black man walked up to a school bus stop filled with children waiting for the bus and arrogantly picked up a little Black girl and put her over his shoulder. as she screamed for help, a man watching asked him why was she screaming - he didn't respond. He walked off and raped her. Lastly, a girl was raped with a broom and murdered. The elderly, handicap women, and children are constant victims of violence too. No matter how sensitive the crime many Negroes refuse to talk about "Dirty Laundry."

For over ten years, all the Black ministers I went to for help told me, "Negroes don't air their dirty laundry, White folks do, so if you want to save Black children, that's where you have to go". So over 50,000 Black children were murdered by Negroes during that 10 year period.

Mr. President, because of this "Silence" about Black Racism, the problem now is completely out of control. Now these men are going into the white communities attacking, raping, and murdering White women. Atlanta is the home of the "Civil Rights Movement". It also has a high crime rate. So how can this horrible violence take place against Black and White women?

I was told that there are "Rich Negroes" who despise poor Negroes and call them Niggers. Plus, some "Rich Whites" classifies poor white women as "Poor White Trash" and their lives have no more value than a Nigger's. This is why both races of women suffer in silence.

Mr. President, I started writing talk shows in the early 1980's. Some talk shows I wrote until they went off the air. I also wrote Black talk shows from 1984 to 2003 with no response. I have also called and written controversial white radio talk show hosts, Amnesty International, and newspapers in Atlanta and several other states asking for help, but to no avail.

In 1994, so many  White women were raped by Black men and in Atlanta so many have died. Since 2000, they have started going into rich White areas attacking rich White women. How many must die before Rich White America does anything I don't know. But, I know that Black women are not Niggers nor are Poor White Women "Poor White Trash". They are my sisters and I do have their backs!

Mr. President by, "Any Means Necessary" I will get help for the "Poor". If I don't hear from you soon, then I will understand that you want to walk in the footsteps of the presidents who rejected and deserted the people's cry for help. I'm sending you some news articles to prove these crimes are real. If I do not hear from you soon, then I will seek help outside America. You can reach me at my email address - tinawells@bellsouth.net

    Yours Truly,